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Wartune Sylph Bot

Sylph bot
Wartune Sylph farming is tedious and time consuming, But it does not need to be. With the
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Summoner Cards

Summoner Cards
Upon reaching level 32 the Summoner Card system will be unlocked, the Summoners Card menu is located on the inventory menu which is on the left above the Soul Engraving icon. Summoner cards provide substantial bonuses to a varying gaming circumstances. There are 5 rarities/types and 5 catgeroies of Summoner Cards stat boost that affect 5 different aspects of the game.The 5 types are bonuses towards MP player dungeons, The Spire, Catacombs, Arena and Battlegrounds. The rarities go from: white, green, blue, purple and orange.

Summoner Card Types

White: HP Boost
Green: Defense Boost
Blue: Attack Boost
Purple: All stat Boost
Orange: Unknown as of yet

Summoner Card Categories

Catacombs: Undead Set
MP Dungeon: Tauren Set
MP Arena: White Set
Battleground: Dark Set

The Spire: Demonic Set

Set Bonsues

Catacombs: Exp +10%
MP Dungeon: Exp +10%
MP Arena: Arena Insignia +3
Battleground: Honor +10%
The Spire: Exp +10%

Treasure Hunt

Treasure Hunt
The only method of currently obtaining Summoner Cards is by participating in Treasure Hunt.The Treasure Hunt screen is located on the Summoner Card screen on the bottom right. Clicking on the Treasure Hunt button will load a static map with various locations on it. Here you are shown the number of attempts you have left above the large "Let"s Go" button and the number of fragments you currently have in the bottom right of the screen.One Treasure Hunt attempt will be added in every six hours until the it reaches the maximum of 10. Clicking Let's Go will move the player to a location on the map where he will have a random "text based" adventure. Each attempt several possible outcomes costing the player either Gold, Daru, Kaynite or free, the cost is based on the players current level. Once the quest has been confirmed by paying the required cost the player is rewarded with Summon Shards and a Summoner kit of random quality. If the player currently has any Infinity Wheels they can be used here to add an attempt by clicking the green plus sign.

Wartune Treasure Hunt
Summon Shards: Rewards for Treasure Hunt. 100 Summon Shards can be exchanged for 1 Master Summon Kit.

Wartune Treasure Hunt
Novice Summoner Kit: Chances to get a Common (high) or an Uncommon (low) Summoner Card.

Wartune Summoner Cards
Summoner Kit: Chances to get a Uncommon (high) or an Rare (low) Summoner Card

Wartune Treasure Hunt
Master Summoner Kit: Chances to get a Rare (high) or an Epic (low) Summoner Card.

Wartune Treasure Hunt
Infinity Wheel: An item which can be used to add extra attempts for exploring in Treasure Hunt. It can be obtained from certain Events.

Summoner Cards Menu

Wartune Summoner Cards
The Summoner card menu has a listing of all the cards you have currently obtained on the right and on the left side is where you place you cards to activate the bonuses received from them. At level 32 only 1 page of activated cards is opened and every 5 levels more card slots are opened until level 67 where a max of 4 pages are opened. The Treasure Hunt button,  1-Click Activate button and the 1-Click Upgrade button are on the bottom right. Highlighting any card will show a sub menu with the options to either Uninstall/equip a card, level up, view or share a card "link it to a chat". View a card will show a short animation followed by the card showing both the required experience to level the card and a the current bonus the card offers. Cards are leveled up by collecting duplicates of the same card and either choosing 1-Click Upgrade or the Level up Icon directly on the card itself. The 1-Click Activate button can be used once a player has found 4 cards of the same type as in: 4 Catacomb card, 4 Arena cards ect. Activating a set up equipped cards will grant a extra bonus based on the set of cards Activated.

<<<<This is not a completed guide more to come>>>>

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Wartune Sylph
Upon reaching  Level 50, players acquire the ability to summon Sylphs. There are 6 elemental types of Sylphs: Pan (wind sylph), Gaia (electric sylph), Iris (water sylph), Amazon Queen (fire sylph) Hades (dark sylph) and Apollo (light sylph). Players receive additional HP and passive bonuses from an Active Sylph and depending on the type of Sylph.

Activated Sylphs gain EXP any time the player does. Only one sylph may be active at a time. As Sylphs gain levels, they gain stat points which then need to be assigned either manually or automatically for the Sylph to gain benefit. Several points are added automatically to the Sylph whenever it gains a level. The player then receives five more points to assign manually or can choose "Auto" to have them assigned automatically. When these points are assigned, the Sylphs gains additional stats which increases their battle rating making them and the player more powerful. The Battle Rating gained depends on the type of Sylph they are used on.

Upon unlocking Sylph, every player will receive a common Iris or Pan Sylph card dependent on class. More Sylph can be acquired by killing wild Sylph in order to gain Essence of Sylph from within the Sylph Atoll in Cloud City. Exchanging sixty Essence of Sylph from withing the Sylph Exchange will grant the player a random Sylph Seal of the same type. Sylph Seals can come in three varieties: Common, Uncommon and Rare and are generated randomly.

The active Sylph follows the player in all battles. In battles, players gain Awakening Points passively over time. Upon reaching 3000 points, the player can Awaken a Sylph by clicking the Awake button right of the rage meter or hitting the space bar. Doing so transforms the player into the active Sylph granting them news skills in battle. Using skills while acting as the Awakened Sylph will use five hundred of the 3000 stored Awakening Points. These points do not generate rage for the player. After completing 5 actions, the Sylph will fade back granting control to the player the player. If the player reaches 3000 points again in the same battle the process can be repeated. Upon reaching level 55 a Sylph gains advanced awakening.  In battles Sylphs and players have a shared health pool, Sylphs themselves cannot be targeted until awakened. Once Awakened if a Sylph has its hit points reduced to zero then both the Sylph and the player die.


Sylph Listing: Shows a list of currently owned Sylph. A maximum of 6 Sylph may be owned at one time after which time the player much either Engulf or Sacrifice a Sylph to make room for new ones. Here the player can also see the name, level and state of all Sylph owned. The Sylph identified with the cross sword icon is the currently active Sylph. Choosing any Sylph from the list will show that Sylphs stats.

Battle Rating - Indicates the overall power rating of your Sylph based on its stats.

Sylph Battle Rating

Rename: Allows you to change the original name given to a sylph from its generic name

EXP Bar: Shows how much exp is required to level up a given Sylph.

Points/Reset Points: Sylph gain 5 points per level for the player to assign. Assigned points can be reset to be reassigned for 100 Balens/Bound Balens. Points can be assigned to either Strength, Armor, Intelligence or endurance, Points can be assigned either Automatically or manually at the discretion of the player. Once points are assign clicking confirm will put the assigned points into effect.

Elemental Resistances

Sylphs have Points of Resistance against elements of nature. If the Sylph resistance value is positive, it reduces the damage received from that element, and if negative, it increases the damage received from that element.

Sylph Elemental Resistances


Players can upgrade your sylph using Mahra. Each Mahra is increases experience 10 points and may give a Sylph's Blessing that gives 50 points. Players can also spend 35 Balens or Bound Balens to upgrade 1 time or 700 Balens or Bound Balens to upgrade 20 times. It costs increasing amounts of points for each rarity of sylph. Sylphs start with one star. Once a Sylph of White, Green, Blue, or Purple rarity reaches a five star rating, it can be upgraded to the next rarity level. When a five star Purple sylph is upgraded, its rarity level becomes Orange. An Orange sylph will no longer have any star rating and cannot be further upgraded.

Wartune Mahra Upgrade Sylph

Sylph States:

Call -  Set the Sylph to active state. This sets the Sylph that accompanies you in battle and gains experience as you do. Sylph gain EXP from all sources except: EXP books, Recovery and ToK.

Rest: Removes current active Sylph from active state.

Cancel Meditation: Cancels Meditation state of a Sylph currently assigned to a Meditation Pedestal from with the farm. Canceling Meditation early awards partial accumulated experience from meditating.

Sacrifice: Used to destroy a Sylph either to make room for a new Sylph or to award sepulcrums based on the rarity of the Sylph. 10 Sylph may be sacrificed per day.


With the use of  Sepulcrum, Sylph can be enchanted to gain random aptitudes. Enchanting consumes 1 Sepulcrum to increase a random stat by a single point.  Choosing Advanced Enchant consumes 50 Sepulcrum and increases 50 random stats by a single point. Aptitudes raise the ratio of conversion towards a Sylph's primary stats when converted inot PATK, PDEF, MATK and MDEF. The higher the Aptitude, the more points they will gain per intelligence, strength, endurance and armor.

Aptitude/Stat Conversion

PATK = .0018 × (Strength × STR Aptitude)
PDEF = .0009 × (Armor × ARM Aptitude + Strength × STR Aptitude)
MATK = .0018 × (Intellect × INT Aptitude)
MDEF = .0009 × (Armor × ARM Aptitude + Intellect × INT Aptitude)
HP   = (.0060 × (Endurance × END Aptitude)) + Base

HP Bases

Pan: HP Base 1200
Gia: HP Base 1000
Iris: HP Base 900 
Amazon: HP base 1000
Hades: ?
Apollo: HP Base 1100

*Forumla  attriubted to CuriousShyRabbit of the Kongregate Wartune Forums., Many thanks for the helpful information guys.IndyCision for the formula for Endurance and for anichaos and Setsuna88 for helping confirming that as well.*


A Sylphs can be Engulfed into another Sylph to gain experience. Upon Engulfing the secondary Sylph is destroyed and 50% of its experience is transferred to the Primary Sylph. This process is final and is irreversible so be sure to make sure they are in the correct potions beforehand. The main purpose of Engulfing is to regain EXP from a Sylph that has been replaced by a higher quality Sylph.


Sylphs may be placed on Meditation pedestals from within your farm in order to gain experience. While in meditation an option to meld you Sylph will appear represented by a red gem will happen occasionally. When visiting farms of friends you may also meld with a friends Sylph, doing so increases friendliness with them. In order to gain access to Meditation pedestals within you from you first must complete a short quest in Cloud City. The Meditation cycle last for 12 hours. EXP is gained when the Sylph is either harvested after the cycle or the player cancels Meditation.


There are three different forms and 2 sets of skills sylphs use skills in battle:

Active: The sylph uses active skills once  every second round. Damage dealt by the sylph is based on the values of the sylph's stats and are seperate from the player. These attacks are automatic ( like troops)  Active Sylphs cannot be targeted. 100% of Sylph HP is added to character HP pool. Player gain benefit of the passive of the current active Sylph

Iris passive:  +3% M-DEF and +3% P-DEF
Pan passive:  +5% HP (this adds to the above Sylph HP -> Char HP)
Apollo passive +5% M-DEF

Awakened: The sylph attacks are added to the MATK/ PATK of the player based on class. The Sylph and player share a health pool. Awakened skills are controlled by the player. If reduced to zero hit points both the Sylph and player die.

Awaken Base Damage = Character Highest Attack (Patk/Matk) + Pet Attack

Sylph Arena: Damage dealt by the sylph is based on the values of the sylph's stats  Attacks are automatic and based on the skill order set by the player from within the Sylph Arena entry screen.

Learning Skills

It's possible to purchase additional slots and Awakened skills scrolls. Skills in the Active state are not available for purchase. The sylph starts with three active slots open plus a passive that becomes available at level 55. Skills can be purchased for 395, 445, or 745 Balens or Bound Balens.

When you learn a new skill, it replaces a random skill that your current Sylph learned. You can learn a new skill in a new slot checking the option "New Slot" and paying an additional of 300 Balens or Bound Balens. Skill Scrolls disappear after use.

Wartune Iris Sylph

Iris, the Water Sylph


Waters Restoration lvl. 1: increase MDEF 3%.
Borealis Dance lvl. 1: 300%+100 magic damage to single front row target. Ignores defense, cannot be dodged.
Icicle Storm lvl. 1: 190%+80 magic damage to all Ignores defense, cannot be dodged..

Awakened or Sylph Arena

Delphic - Archeron Wave lvl 1: 280% + 350 magic water damage to all enemies.
Deluge Strike lvl 1: 165% + 180 magic water damage to single random target.
Warm Spring lvl 1: Heals 85% + 300 to a teammate with lowest HP.


Skills that costs 395 Balens
Deluge Strike: Deals 165% + 180 magic water damage to a single target.
Ice Armor: Cleanses debuffed allies.
Warm Spring: Heals 85% + 300 magic damage to teammate with lowest HP.

Skills that costs 445 Balens
Ocean Mirror(Passive): Healing effects +5%.
Spirit Well(Passive): The target of Warm Spring has damage reduced by 5% for 3 rounds.
Rain Dance: Restores 133% + 500 HP to all teammates.
Master of Water(Passive): Acheron Wave has a chance to bind target for a round.
Tsunami: Deals 145% + 156 magic water damage to all enemies. Removes debuff from ally with lowest HP.

Skills that costs 745 Balens
Acheron Wave: 280% + 350 magic water damage to all enemies.
Neptune's Blessing: Healing Effects increased by 20% for 3 rounds.

Amazon Queen, the Fire Sylph


Fury of Fire lvl.1: Increases player's PATK and MATK by 5% when active.
Wrathful Blaze lvl.1: 300% + 100 physical fire damage to single front row target. Damage ignores defenses and cannot be dodged.
Conflagration lvl.1: 205% + 80 physical fire damage to 1-2 targets. Damage ignores defenses and cannot be dodged.

Awakened or Sylph Arena

Skills that costs 395 Balens
Burning Strike: 165% + 120 physical fire damage to a random single target.
Consuming Flames: 100% + 150 physical fire damage to a single front row enemy. Target's damage dealt reduced by 64% for 3 rounds.
Infernal Inflammation: 220% + 280 physical fire damage to a random single target. Target's damage received increased by 10% for 3 rounds

Skills that costs 445 Balens
Dragon Blast: 160% + 300 physical fire damage to 2-3 enemies.
Firestorm: 145% + 325 physical fire damage to all enemies. Targets lose 2% of Max HP (max 4,000) per turn for 5 rounds.
Scorching Shield (Passive): 10% chance to trigger when damage is received. Absorbs 3% of Max HP next round.
Fire's Might: (Passive): 10% chance to deal extra 5% damage next rounds.
Master of Flames (Passive): 5% chance to reflect damage (max 20,000).

Skills that costs 745 Balens
Vulcan's Judgement: 440% + 515 physical fire damage to 1-2 enemies. 745 45 seconds
Vulcan's Blessing: Increases damage by 20% for 3 rounds. 745 45 seconds

Wartune Pan Sylph

Pan, the Wind Sylph


Wind's Protection lvl 1: increase player HP in 5%.
Whistling Blow lvl 1: 300% + 100 physical wind damage to single front row. This ignores defense and cannot be dodged.
Cyclone lvl 1: 280% + 125 physical wind damage to back row.  This ignores defense and cannot be dodged.

Awakened or Sylph Arena

Delphic - Apocalyptic Hurricane lvl. 1: 314% + 350 physical wind damage to all
Wind's Grace lvl. 1: 145% + 200 physical damage to 2 - 4 random enemies and enemy defenses are reduced 50 points for 3 rounds. 
Gust Strike lvl. 1: 130% + 180 physical damage to single front row target.


Skills that costs 395 Balens
Gust Strike: 136% + 180 physical wind damage to a single front row target.
Breeze Blade: 150% + 100 physical wind damage to a single back row target. This skill has +10% Crit Rate.
Airy Guardian: Max HP increased by 30% for 3 rounds. After use, Max HP returns to its original value.

Skills that costs 445 Balens
Breath Shield(Passive): 35% chance every round to reduce damage by 10%.
Spirit of Wind(Passive): When you critical on an enemy, their block is reduced 10% for 2 rounds.
Wind's Grace: 145% + 200 physical wind damage to 2-4 enemies. Enemy defenses reduced 50 points for 3 rounds. 
Master of Wind(Passive): When you are hit by a critical attack, your dodge increases by 10%.
Aquilon's Lament: 210% + 270 physical wind damage to the enemy with the lowest health.

Skills that costs 745 Balens
Apocalyptic Hurricane: 314% + 350 physical damage to all enemies.
Aquilon's Blessing: Reduces damage by 40% for 3 rounds. Cannot be dispelled.

Gaia, the Electro Sylph


Lightning's Roa lvl.1: Increases player's PATK and MATK by 5% when active.
Shock lvl.1: 300% + 100 magic electric damage to a single front row target. Damage ignores defenses and cannot be dodged.
Chain Lightning lvl.1: 200% + 80 magic electric damage to 1-2 enemies. Damage ignores defenses and cannot be dodged.

Awakened / In Sylph Arena

Skills that costs 395 Balens
Thundering Strike: 165% + 120 magic electric damage to a single front row target.
Roll of Thunder: 150% + 100 magic electric damage. Floating damage +20%. Lasts 2 rounds.
Jupiter's Wrath: 225% + 250 magic electric damage to a back-row target. 80% Chance to make a random skill not available for 2 rounds.

Skills that costs 445 Balens
Short Circuit: 185% + 200 magic electric damage to a single target. Enemies in the same column and row take 50% damage .
Flash Storm: 240% + 265 magic electric damage to a random single target (prioritizes players). Simultaneously deals 20,000 damage to enemy soldiers.
Static Field (Passive): Chance to prevent am enemy Crit next round.
Unstable Voltage(Passive): Every damage received increases attack by 5%. Stacks for a total of 50%. Lasts 2 rounds .
Master of Thunder(Passive): 10% chance to deal +15 damage next round.

Skills that costs 745 Balens
Thudner Wave: 470% + 515 magic electric damage to a single enemy
Jupiter's Blessing: Crit rate and crit damage increased by 10% for 3 rounds.

Hades, the Dark Slyph


Dark Pact Lvl. 1:  Increases player's PDEF by 5% while active
Darting Shadows Lvl. 1: 320% + 120 physical dark damage to a single front row target. Damage ingnores defenses.
Serrated Barbs lvl. 1: 170% + 50 physical dark damage to all enemies. Damage ingnores defenses.

Awakened or Sylph Arena

Skills that costs 395 Balens
Shadow Strike: 170% + 125 physical shadow damage to a single front row target
Sinister Rot: Random single target takes 74% physical damage for 3 rounds
Haunt: Dispells 2 buffs on all enemy targets

Skills that costs 445 Balens
Abyssal Shield (Passive): 5% reduction in crit rate.
Dementia (Passive): 215% + 180 physical shadow damage to a single front row target. Heals 60% damage dealt.
Malediction of Shadow (Passive): Target has 10% chance of succumbing to madness and target friends alike for the next round.
Devour Soul: 215% + 180 physical shadow damage to a single front row target. Heals 60% damage dealt.
Devil's Gaze: 230% + 200 physical dark damage to a random single target. Reduces the effects of healings by 50% for 3 rounds. Prioritizes players.

Skills that costs 745 Balens

Endless Night: All enemies take 310% + 295 physical dark damage with a 50% chance 2-4 continue to take damage over 5 rounds. Each round enemies lose 2% of Max HP (up to 8,000). Cannot be dispelled. Consumes 500 Awakening Points
Orcus' Blessing: Increases damage by 30% but damage received by 10%. Lasts 3 rounds. Consumes 500 Awakening Points

Wartune Apollo Sylph

Apollo, the Sylph of Light


Blessed Light lvl 1: Increases player's MDEF 5%.
Lightspeed Fist lvl 1: 310% + 150 damage to a single front row target. Damage ignores defenses and cannot be dodged.
Solar Vindication lvl 1: 230% + 120 magic light damage to two random enemies. Damage ignores defenses and cannot be dodged.

Awakened or Sylph Arena

Delphic - Sword of Judgment lvl 1: Deals 340%+300 magic damage to all.
Ray lvl 1: 160% + 256 magic light damage to all enemies. Restores 2% of Max HP.
Shining Strike lvl 1: 148% + 180 magic damage to a single front row target.


Skills that costs 395 Balens
Shining Strike: 148% + 180 magic light damage to a single front-row target.
Beam Sword: Magic light damage to 1-2 targets. The more HP the target has, the more the damage.
Light Arrow: magic light damage to 2-4 players. The higher the target's HP, the more damage they take.

Skills that costs 445 Balens
Radiant Soul(Passive): Every action has a chance to add a shield that absorbs health.
Illumination(Passive): Healing has a greater effect on you.
Heavenly Body: Enhances MDEF and PDEF for a number of rounds.
Master of Light(Passive): Damage increased.
Ray: 160% + 256 magic light damage to all enemies. Restores 2% of Max HP.

Skills that costs 745 Balens
Sword of Judgment: Ranged attack that deals 340%+300 magic light damage to all enemies.
Helios' Bledding: Heals a certain amount of health.

Sylph Atoll

Sylph Atoll is located on the western side of the Cloud City. To gain access you must speak to the enter the portal north of Azrael, To gain access to the  Sylph Exchange the player must speak with Alice located just north of Azrael. The Sylph Atoll is a four leveled zone where the player does battle with wild Sylph to gain Essence of Sylph.

L1 floor hosts water sylphs (Iris)
L2 floor hosts wind sylphs (Pan)
L3 floor hosts fire sylphs (Amazon queen)
L4 floor hosts electric sylphs (Gaia)

Clicking a Sylph will initiate battle if no other player is currently in battle with that Sylph. Defeating wild Sylph will drop Sylph Essences appropriate to the type you are fighting. After obtaining 60 essence of the same type the player may trade them in the Sylph Exchange for a Seal of random quality. If the player is defeated while in the Sylph Atoll, the player is teleported back to the exit portal and gains no Essences. All Sylph have a chance to drop an Uncommon or Rare Sylph Seal of the same type that they drop from.

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Circuit Quest

Wartune Circuit Quest Asima
Circuit Quests is a daily event, like Bounty Quests, that is combined with a series of simple quests. Every quest completion is called one circuit. Rewards will be awarded after each circuit. Circuit Quest unlock at Level 35. Quests can also be completed by spending 35 balens or imperial Seal.

After each circuit, players are rewarded with Gold and Daru and other items such as Soul Crystals, Mount Training Whips, Fate Stones. Higher the players' level higher the better the rewards. Special Boxes will be awarded for completing 50 and 200 weekly quests.

Quests can be obtained from NPC Asima the Northeast side of Cloud City. The difficulty and the rewards of the quests will vary on the players' level. Unlimited number of circuits can be completed each day. A weekly quests of 200 circuits, will be available and reset every monday.

Possible Quest:

Ghostbuster: Destroy 10 shadows on Level 'x' of Sylph Atoll.
Recruit Troops: Recruit 200 'x' (troops).
Enchant Master: Enchant any piece of Equipment 'x' times.
QTE Training: Practice QTE 'x' number of times.
Whack-a-Mouse: Hit 'x' number of mice.
Collect Flowers: Collect 'x' type of flower from Level 'x' of Sylph Atoll.
Send Message: Deliver message to NPC 'x'.
Eliminate Monster: Eliminate 'x' number of monsters from 'x' campaign/dungeon map.
Astro Master: Capture 'x' number of Astrals.
Submit Items: Submit 'x' (items) purchased with Insignia or Crypt Tokens.
Socket Master:  Socket a Gem.
Collect Flowers: Collect 'x' type of flower from Cloud City.
Contribute To Your Guild: Add 'x' amount of guild contribution.
Sacrifice Sylph: Sacrifice a Sylph.
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Jewel Hunt

Wartune Jewel Hunt
Jewel Hunt is a daily mini-game event. Jewel hunt unlocks at Level 45. In Jewel Hunt, there is a 5x5 table, withing those 25 squares are five different kinds of jewels: red, blue, green, yellow, and purple. Players get 20 free moves each day, additional moves can be bought for 150 Balens per 10 attempts. Unlike other games of this type switching two gems that do not create a matches can be moved while still using an attempt. This can be use to set up larger moves worth more points.

Players have to match sets of at least 3 jewels, horizontally or vertically, of the same color. The more gems matched, the higher the reward. After a successful match, the matching jewels will disappear, and the player earns points and receives some rewards in the temporary bag. The gems above those that disappeared drop down, and a random selection of new jewels will drop from the top to fill the empty spaces.

Lucky Star

Once per day players can ask an online friend for help by inviting them by using the Lucky Star. After invited and accepted, the friend spins a slot machine, the resulting number will be the number of gems randomly removed from the board. These gems will disappear, leaving some points. In addition, both the player and friend earn rewards according to the slot machine value. If the invited friend fails to spin the slot machine within 10 seconds of the invite, the player must find another friend to help. Each character is allowed to help up to 5 different friends a day and can only ask for  help once a day.

Lucky Star Rewards:

Wartune Iron Chest
Spin Range: 1-10
Reward: 2 Lucky Iron Chests + 20 Gold Chest to Friend

Wartune Copper Chest
Spin Range: 11-15
Reward: 2 Lucky Copper Chest + 20 Gold Chests to Friend

Wartune Silver Chest
Spin Range: 16-20
Reward: 2 Lucky Silver Chests + 30 Gold Chests to Friend

Wartune Gold Chest
Spin Range: 21-24
Reward: 3 Lucky  Gold Chests + 30 Gold Chests to Friend

Wartune Ancient Chest
Spin Range: 25+
Reward: 4 Lucky Ancient Chests + 50 Gold Chests to Friend

Daily Rewards:

Each day extra rewards can be obtained when a player reaches a set amount of points. These can be redeemed by clicking the chest on the left side of the screen. The rewards come in the for of chest of increasing quality. Rankings are updated every day according to points earned; the weekly Top 3 will receive titles. 

Lost Treasure of Antiquity I - 500 Points
Rewards: 2 Lvl.2 Gem Packs, 5 Mount Training Whips, 10 Soul Crystals, 10 Fate Stones
Lost Treasure of Antiquity II  - 1000 points
Rewards: 1 Lvl.3 Gem Pack, 5 Mount Training Whips, 15 Soul Crystal, 15 Fate Stones
Lost Treasure of Antiquity III - 2000 Points
Rewards: 2 Lvl.3 Gem Packs, 15 Mount Training Whips, 50 Soul Crystals, 5 Runestones
20 Fate Stones
Lost Treasure of Antiquity IV - 3500 Points
Rewards: 1 Lvl.4 Gem Pack, 20 Mount Training Whips, 100 Soul Crystals, 10 Runestones, 30 Fate Stones
Lost Treasure of Antiquity V - 6000 Points
Rewards: 1 Lvl.5 Gem Pack, 30 Mount Training Whips, 100 Soul Crystals, 15 Runestones, 35 Fate Stones


Each group of jewels matched has possibility of earning one of eight different rewards: Soul Crystal, Refinement Lock, Lvl. 1 Gem Pack, Lvl. 2 Gem Pack, Lvl. 3 Gem Pack, Fate Stone, Mount Training Whip

Runestone. As the number of matched jewels in a single move increases, the amount obtained in the reward is increased. When several different types of jewels are matched in combination, higher amounts of different rewards can be obtained. When 6-7 gems of a kind are matched during a combination, there is a chance to obtain 1 of 3 rare chests, containing a high amount of a certain reward.

Lost Mount Training Chest: 10 Mount Training Whips

Lost Runestone Chest: 30 Runestones

Lost Fate Stone Chest: 30 Fate Stones
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Wartune Fishing
Fishing is a daily mini-game type event. Fishing unlocks at level 28. Players receive 20 attempts daily. The goal for players is to catch a moving fish with the trident while attempting to ignore the obstacles glass bottles and wooden logs. Hitting an obstacle or catching a fish will count as an attempt and will activate the 5 min cooldown per attempt. After each fish is caught, 5 minutes is added to the cooldown time. When the total cooldown time exceeds 25 minutes, players cannot continue fishing; when the cooldown time drops below 25 minutes, players may resume fishing. Spirit Covenant's Lord of Time gives the ability to speed up this cooldown.. New fish are unlocked every five levels. The final fish is unlocked at level 30. Rankings will update everyday according to points earned. The Weekly Top 3 will receive titles; rankings will reset every Monday.

Wartune Fishing
Catching fish also has a chance to give you a ‘powerup’. This varies from a harpoon piercing through everything it passes through to dropping an explosive which explodes on impact. To activate those you press their icons bottom right of the menu.

Upto Level 4, players can catch only 5 kinds of fish: Gold Chest, Lvl 3 Daru Pearl, Lvl 5 Luck Stone, and Shadow Crystal. At level 5 the  Bounty Scroll fish, the order others will unlock is currently unknown until someone get to that level. Also he rewards for the other fish are doubled  Any fish caught has a low chance to become a wild fish. Wild fish grant the player 24 hours from free VIP


FishExpRanking Points
Gold Fish12
Daru Fish14
Luck Stone Fish26
Shadow Crystal Fish28
Bounty Scroll Fish310

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Wartune Christmas Events

Christmas Comes to Balenor! In celebration, we'll have lots to do in Wartune, so be sure to check out all the Christmas events!

Gifts from Santa Claus
Duration: 12/19 00:00 - 1/1 23:59
Description: Search for Colorful Socks and Santa's Caps to exchange for rare Christmas gifts from Santa Claus!

Colorful Sock Exchange

• Colorful Socks x1 for 10,000 Gold
• Colorful Socks x1 for 10,000 Daru
• Colorful Socks x1 for 2,500 Kyanite
• Colorful Socks x20 for Sepulcrum x5
• Colorful Socks x20 for Mahra x5
• Colorful Socks x60 for Reindeer Card x1

Santa's Cap Exchange

• Santa's Cap x1 for 30,000 Daru
• Santa's Cap x10 for Soul Crystal x80
• Santa's Cap x30 for Sepulcrum x35
• Santa's Cap x30 for Mahra x35
• Santa's Cap x60 for Royal Style x1
• Santa's Cap x90 for Royal Garments x1
• Santa's Cap x120 for Royal Touch x1
• Santa's Cap x220 for Frost Lion Card x1

Christmas Day - Warrior's Call
Duration: 12/19 - 12/25 23:59
Description: Participate in the Solo Arena 10 times per day and receive the following rewards:
800,000 Gold, Santa's Cap x1

Christmas Day - Blessing Wheel
Duration: 12/19 - 12/25 23:59
Description: Spin the Blessing Wheel 3 times per day and receive the following rewards:
50,000 Daru, Santa's Cap x1

Christmas Day - Tank Trials
Duration: 12/19 - 12/25 23:59
Description: Participate in Tank Trials and receive the following rewards:
100,000 EXP, Runestone x1, Santa's Cap x1

Christmas Day - Sylph Arena
Duration: 12/19 - 12/22 23:59
Description: Participate in the Sylph Arena 5 times and receive the following rewards:
Sylhp EXP Scroll x1, 10,000 Kyanite, Santa's Cap x1

Christmas Day - Battle Ranking
Duration: 12/22 0:00-23:59
Description: Players reach the required Battle Rating Ranking will be rewarded.

Battle Rating Ranking No.1: 1,500,000 Gold, 800,000 Daru, Mount Training Whip x200, 50, 000Kyanite, Santa's Cap x5
Battle Rating Ranking No.2: 1,000,000 Gold, 500,000 Daru, Mount Training Whip x100, 30, 000Kyanite, Santa's Cap x4
Battle Rating Ranking No.3: 500,000 Gold, 300,000 Daru, Mount Training Whip x50, 20, 000Kyanite, Santa's Cap x3
Battle Rating Ranking No.4-10: 300,000 Gold, 200,000 Daru, Mount Training Whip x30, 10, 000Kyanite, Santa's Cap x1

Duration: Duration: 12/24 - 12/27 23:59
Servers: R2Games: S1 - S387, Armor Games: S1 - S6, Kabam: S1 - S56
Description: Login everyday and receive great rewards!

Non-VIP: Extreme Stamina Potion x1, Santa's Cap x1
VIP: Extreme Stamina Potion x1, VIP Token x10, Santa's Cap x2

Christmas Day - Double EXP Party
Duration: 12/24 - 12/27 23:59
Servers: R2Games: S1 - S387, Armor Games: S1 - S6, Kabam: S1 - S56
Description: All dungeon experience has been Doubled! Now is the time to party up with friends and challenge the various dungeons!

Christmas Day - Bounty Quest Bonus

Duration: 12/24 - 12/27 23:59
Servers: R2Games: S1 - S387, Armor Games: S1 - S6, Kabam: S1 - S56
Description: Complete 10 Bounty Quests and receive the following rewards: Runestone x1, Santa's Cap x1

Christmas Day – Refinement
Duration: 12/26 - 1/1 23:59
Description: Refine any equipment 3 times in Blacksmith and receive the following rewards: 80,000 EXP, Santa's Cap x1
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Amethyst Quarry

Wartune Amethyst Quarry
The Amethyst Quarry unlocks upon reaching level 25. The entrance to the Amethyst Quarry is located in the southwest corner of Cloud City.  Players may enter the Quarry and collect Amethyst, to exchange for rewards from the Amethyst Exchange located southeast of the Quarry by speaking to the NPC Lilth. While players may enter the Amethyst Quarry at any time, they only receive 2 mine carts per day to gather amethyst. The Amethyst mine can accommodate a maximum of 500 players after which time a new instance of the Quarry is created. Upon entering the Amethyst Quarry players are also awarded with 6 daily devotion.

Wartune Amethyst Quarry
 The Amethyst Quarry is a open PVP area meaning any player may attack any other player regardless of guild or friend list affiliation. Defeating other players while they have a mine cart and having a active cart of your own will allow the player to plunder the defeated players and rewarding them with 5%+10 Amethyst per successful plunder.

Wartune Amethyst Quarry
Upon entering the Quarry the players will need to first receive a mine cart  from the NPC Alicia located near the entrance of the mine. She can be auto walked to by opening the map and clicking on his name. Players can obtain a maximum of 2 mine carts per day but only one at a time. Players with a mine cart move at 20% reduced movement speed. Once a player has obtained a mine cart they must proceed to the northeast corner of the mine and gather Amethyst crystals until they reach 100. Players may also plunder other players with mine carts to receive additional 100 Amethyst. From the moment a player first collects Amethyst to the time they reach the dump cart they are open to being plundered by other players. Players will continue to lose Amethyst when plundered until they reach 60 Amethyst at which time they no longer lose Amethyst. A defeated player is cannot be attacked again for 8 seconds after they are defeated. Players may auto walk to the Amethyst deposits by opening the map and clicking one of the 4 Amethyst Ore nodes.

Wartune Amethyst Quarry
In order for a player to receive the Amethyst players much take the cart to the northwest corner of the mine to a NPC named Grecia. He can be auto walked to by opening the map and clicking on his name. Upon reaching him players must speak to him to dump the cart. The player will receive Amethyst that can be used in the Amethyst exchange for doing so. The player is then free to leave then or to get a second cart. If the gold rush even is currently active the player receives double the rewards for dumping his cart.

Wartune Gold Rush
Gold Rush: A Gold Rush event occurs daily 21:00-21:30, Server time, during this event players receive double the amount of Amethyst.

Wartune Amethyst Exchange

Amethyst Exchange

Here players can exchange Amethyst gained in the Amethyst Quarry for rewards.

Sack of Kaynite: 2,000 Katnite
Sack of Gold: 100,000 gold
Adv. Mount Training Whip Pack: 30 Mount Training Whips
Ancient Sniper Card: Used to summon the Ancient Snipe Mount
Fate Stone Chest: 5 Fate stones

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